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Adderall is a combination medication that contains amphetamines salt in it. It is used to treat ADHD or narcolepsy in both adults and may fall under addiction if you buy Adderall online.

It is also used to enhance athletic performances or other.

It is a CNS stimulant that affects chemical GABA present in the brain and enhances attention ability.

It can be habit-forming if misused because it gives a euphoric feeling. A doctor’s prescription is necessary for its medication or treatment.

Adderall is a Schedule II drug that comes in a Controlled Substances Act.

Available Forms

Adderall comes in immediate-release (IR) or extended-release (XR) form. The extended form of Adderall is taken only once in a day while immediate can be more than one. It comes in different strengths that get prescribed according to the condition or response of the patients. Both these forms are available in the US in generic form.

Dosages Determination

The dosages of prescription medications depend upon the medical or physical condition of the patient. It is necessary to ask the doctor before starting the medication.

You doctor should know:

  • The kind and severity of the situation you’re using Adderall to negotiate
  • Your age
  • The form of Adderall you need
  • Other medical circumstances you may have

The ADHD dosage is determined for adults and children as well

  • Dosage for children under 12: 5mg once or twice daily;
  • Adults (ages 18 years and older): 5 mg twice daily or can be increased 5mg each week until the desired effect;
  • Children (ages 3–5 years):5 mg once or twice daily.

Note: Adderall is not recommended for children under three years of age.

Adderall Online withdrawal Symptoms

Please talk with your doctor or consult him before stopping the medication. If you suddenly stop taking it, the symptoms of the condition may return. You may also develop withdrawal symptoms by doing so.


If you have been taking high dosages of Adderall and you stop taking it, you may face withdrawal symptoms. These can include:

  • tiredness
  • fatigue
  • depression
  • fever

How to take Adderall?

How you take its doses depends upon the forms you are using.


  • For Adderall Tablets:

The tablets are usually taken one or three times daily. Take the first dose in the morning after waking up.

Try not to take it in the evening.

  • For Adderall XR capsule:

The capsules of Adderall are taken only once in a day. They should be swallow whole in the morning.

Do not take it in the afternoon or evening as well. Taking it at that time can trouble to fall asleep at bedtime.

You can take both of any of its forms in an empty stomach or with food also.


Before starting the treatment, tell your doctor if you have any medical condition that can interact with the medicine.

These includes:

  • Circulation problems;
  • heart diseases;
  • history of drug abuse or tolerance;
  • glaucoma, narrow-angle glaucoma;
  • mental health disorder, seizures;
  • thyroid problems;
  • Tics or Tourette’s syndrome

These or other problems can interact with Adderall or amphetamine and results in withdrawals. Precaution is necessary to avoid such contradictions.

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